THANK YOU FARMER Miracle Age Repair Special Edition Gift Set

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Set Includes:
1 x Miracle Age Repair Toner (150ml)
1 x Miracle Age Repair Emulsion (130ml)

Expiry date: 2018/12


What it is: Experience a moment of satisfaction every day with a deep-nourishing essential texture that gives energy to skin that lacks radiance and vitality and sags without strength!

Miracle Age Repair Toner Toner 150ml
A rich textured concentrated nourishing toner that comfortably soothes the skin that lacks oil and moisture.

  • Smooth and rich milky toner
  • A formula that combines toner, serum, and emulsion.
  • A concentrated formula for deep hydration and nourishment.
  • Gives nourishment and radiance to rough, lifeless skin.

How to use: After cleansing, gently apply an appropriate amount onto face with a cotton pad

Miracle Age Repair Emulsion 130ml
A rich nourishing emulsion that adheres to skin in a pudding-like texture to leaves your skin full of vitality and smooth.

  • A completely new texture of emulsion that is as rich and concentrated as serum.
  • A rich and firm texture for resilience.
  • Nourishes rough, lifeless skin for radiance.
  • Nourishing upon application with no excess oiliness after penetration!

How to use: After using toner and serum, gently apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck.

All kinds of skin from premature aging of the 20s to severe aging of the 60s and older.

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