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Regen Cos 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask (Moisturizing) 5pcs

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Size: 30g x 5 pcs

Exp Date: 2016/12


What's it: Regen Cos 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask (Moisturizing) is developed by Korean cosmetic surgery hospital Regen, leveraging on the know-how and years of experience by specialists on facial contours. This safe and effective facial mask provides special care for your skin needs and creates a lifted, V-line contour.

Regen Cos 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask (Moisturizing) features a two-sheet design. The upper sheet is made of 100% pure cotton with a golden facial ratio cutting to sooth laugh lines and nourish skin with rich essences. The bottom sheet with ear holders is made of Halophyte, which is excellent in refining and lifting facial contours by boosting moisture circulation and smoothening skin.

The main ingredients of Regen Cos 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask (Moisturizing) include Sodium Hyaluronate, Achillea Millefolum Extract, Phellinus Linteus Extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) Extract and Salicornia Herbacea Extract, which work together to provide intensive moisture, skin tranquilization, skin anti-oxidation and increased skin’s moisture retention power. The mask is free of alcohol, coloring, mineral oil and preservative.

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