Innisfree Always New Auto Liner 0.3g

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What it is: A multi-purposed auto eyeliner that automatically sharpens when the cap is closed - it's as good as new every day

  • Twist the cap to keep the pencil as good and sharp as new 
    It sharpens when the cap is closed and twisted, meaning that an extra sharpener is not required. Moreover, it allows you to exquisitely draw lines along the eyes with great delicacy. 
  • Deep and rich, long-lasting color 
    Its glide-on texture adds deep and rich color to the eyes in a single touch and keeps makeup lasting long without smudging. 
  • Multi-purposed pencil 
    Its various colors can be used as a highlighter, concealer, lip makeup and blusher. 
  • Ingredient for the health of the eyes 
    Vitamin E keeps the eyes comfortable after makeup.

How to use: 

Step 1: Twist the cap in the direction of the indicated arrow to open. 

Step 2: Draw lines along the eyes with the sharp pencil. 

Step 3: Close the cap by twisting it in the opposite direction after use

- Do not twist or pull out the bottom part. 
- If the pencil is broken, twist the cap several times in the direction opposite to the arrow until you hear a click sound


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