Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-cara No. 1 Two-Tone Gray [Gray Brown / Khaki Brown]

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Size: 6g


What it is: From natural line to brow coloring all at once!

Eyebrow Cushion-Cara that’s resistant to water and sweat.

  • New-concept cushion-type brow. 

It’s easy to adjust the amount, so even beginners can use it without clumps!

  • Lasts all day!

Liquid-to-powder texture that’s resistant to water and sweat, lasts all day long!

  • My own customized color

Two-tone color that’s perfect for Asians’ hair and eye color produces your own customized color!

Refill can be purchased separately depending on the change of hair color!

* Comes with foldable dual applicator

*All skin types

Recommend to:

1. Makeup beginners who have difficulty using pencil-type products

Expresses natural brow makeup even for beginners who cannot draw natural eyebrows

2. Customers who experience faded eyebrow makeup due to oily skin

Liquid-to-powder texture that’s resistant to water and sweat, lasts all day long

3. Customers who experience clumps after applying brow mascara

Easy-to-adjust liquid texture expresses natural brow color!

How to use: 

  •  With the wide defining brush, adjust the amount on the cushion.
  • With the fine hair of the Mohican brush, take a bright color in an appropriate amount and comb the entire eyebrow in the direction of eyebrow texture.

* Wide defining brush: Draws fine lines intricately as if planting each eyebrow

* Mohican brush: Color the eyebrow without clumps with the fine brush that’s thinner than human hair

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