3CE Barbapapa Brush Kit

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Set Includes:

1 x Powder Brush

1 x Highlighter Blusher

1 x Nose & Eye Blender

1 x Eye Smudge Point

1 x Angle Brow Line Blending


What it is: 

Powder Brush: Can use it as multi brush such as powder and shading etc.

Highlighter & Blush Brush: Shaper part is the highlighter brush which brightens under-eye part and nose use. Use wider part as blusher. Pound softly on your cheeks.

Nose & Eye Blender: Nose shading, hair line, eye shadow brush. Use anywhere you want.

Eye Smudge & Point: Sharp shaped brush. Use it when spreading eye shadow on your eyelids or even underneath your eyes.

Angle Brow & Line Blending Point: Using triangular parts at the end of your eyes.

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